While preparing for IIT-JEE, enhancing the subject knowledge along with overcoming the subject phobia with proper guidance and regular practice of examinations are the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by a good teacher. Under the guidance of my teacher V.K. Jha and Kulbir Singh and their time to time motivation through their personal experiences helped me to boost my confidence that resulted in achieving this incredible position IIT-JEE.

Under the guidance of Rankers League faculty, V.K.Jha and Kulbir Singh, I had been successful in achieving AIR 4. Teachers here do not impose their teaching methodology rather they mold themselves as per the student’s requirement. Teachers here teach in such a way in classroom that there is no doubt left regarding a subject even while preparing at home. This helped us in associating with each topic and also in achieving this position in IIT-JEE.

Rankers League offers classroom program in such a way that we get hold on every subject and after that every question seems to be easy. It boosts our confidence and makes exams like IIT-JEE easy to crack. To top these exams, preparation plays a vital role so as the confidence. Only under the guidance of Teachers of Rankers League Mr. V.K. Jha and Mr. Kulbir Singh, I had been successful in achieving AIR-7.

Faculty at Ranker League teaches in such a way that one problem which is associated with another is already solved and that helps us to prepare for the examination in a circular way. We are prepared in such a strong way that facing challenges becomes an easy task. Sometimes the topic which is about to start in the classroom is already prepared by the students. In my achievement of AIR-8 (IIT-JEE 2010) the entire credit goes the teachers for their outstanding contribution.

Under the supervision of Faculty at Rankers League, V.K. Jha and Kulbir Singh, I found cracking IIT-JEE is not a difficult task. It helped me not only in increasing my morals for the preparation but also removed the phobia of the competitive exams. Without the support of these teachers the development of my morale and self confidence was next to impossible. Under their guidance only I was able to achieve AIR-17.

After meeting the teachers of Super 20 program, I got to understand the difference between school education and subjective knowledge. My outlook towards Physics, Chemistry and Maths completely changed after joining Rankers League and studying these subjects became a gratifying experience. This helps student to gain confidence and aim towards accomplishing their goal. During my journey for preparation of IIT, I realized, I made a right decision by joining Rankers League. While studying over here I felt that I could also be in the list of toppers.

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